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mattachinereview: Kazuo Ohno oh my gosh who is this person? could be wrong but i am pretty sure this is Kazuo Ohno, who died last year, and put forth the Japanese dance form known as butoh. German film-maker Peter Sempel made this tribute to Ohno using archive footage. The backing track is The Spirit Was […]

I’m really excited about this: Lower East Side Harm Reduction will offer free self defense classes for trans women throughout this summer, from June 3rd til July 1st.  Please forward widely!

First Queer Anti-Authoritarian Open Assembly

hello the internet! specifically the NYC-area queer & anti-authoritarian internet!  this is happening later today, i dont know who is putting this on but as a queer and emotional (and political!) anti-authoritarian i will be here tonight if you want to come.  we can leave together if we aren’t feeling it!  we can talk excitedly […]

Feminism is only one movement but it has spawned like five movements just to counter how ignorant it is. -Autumn. (via fuckingickyricky) Autumn always has really good things to say about feminism & why she isn’t a feminist; go follow! (via mattachinereview)

7.%20Day1—Reina%20Gossett Trigger Warning: Rape Culture, Physical Violence, Prison Industrial Complex, Neoliberal Gay & Lesbian Events Sylvia Rivera’s *amazing* speech in 1973 at the Christopher Street Liberation Day from my talk at the We Who Feel Differently Symposium;  she gets on stage after being beaten up, boo’ed and refused speaking time to talk about the trans […]

Hanging in the studio with Eddie Murphy while he talks all about my partying ways (look close! I’m the invisible trans woman in the corner. I’m also two years old!)   Thanks Che for reminding me! Go Eddie! (Source: