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Ten Posts for Sylvia Rivera's Ten Year Memorial

Ten Posts for Sylvia Rivera’s Ten Year Memorial

its incredible to see how many people reblog the Sylvia Rivera video and how many feel so strongly about her words!  someone recently reblogged the video with commentary and it made me realize that folks who haven’t been following my blog might not have seen the many Sylvia Rivera/STAR related work that i’ve posted over […]

DSM-V To Rename Gender Identity Disorder ‘Gender Dysphoria

can we please examine the internalized ableism within our celebration of trans “not being crazy” or “not being a mental illness?”  “we aren’t crazy” has accompanied so many other movement’s shifting towards abliest and neoliberal and neuronormal domination. having a mental illness identification is not the same as consent to the medical industrial complex’s pathologizing […]

celebrating another revolution around the summer sun! thanks for all the birthday love, friends i am truly floating! (also i made this collage from Diane & Leo Dillon’s astronaut piece and Matty’s marvelous illustration of Marsha P Johnson!)

come celebrate my birthday with me this Thursday at SRLP’s (iced) Coffee Talk! — July 19th, 6.30 til at least 8:30, Karaoke Celebration! Get your 15 minutes of fame.  Ok, more like 5 minutes on the microphone.  Maybe you can sing well or maybe you can’t.  It doesn’t matter to us! Swing by to eat […]

Instead, I’d like to add that the systematic dehumanization of trans women through words, images and the lack thereof of words and images that represent the totality of our experiences actually is what contributes to others seeing us as less than human therefore justifying the violence, battery, criminalization and murders we face. Janet Mock (via disabledbyculture)

Gentrification is a replacement process. So it is where diversity is replaced by homogeneity, and this, I believe, undermines urbanity and changes the way we think because we have much less access to a wide variety of points of view. We are diminished by it. So literally, the range of our mind’s reach is much […]

Sylvia Rivera kicking ass on stage after some radfems & transphobes tried to refuse her the right to speak at the 1973 Christopher Street Liberation Day rally.  Said radfems then had their own march in part protesting trans participation in Pride.  A precursor to today’s Dyke March.   40 years later in the very same […]

We don’t dispute the ‘accusation’ of male privilege because we’re dumb, bad feminists, or incapable of interpreting our experience. We don’t have different opinions out of a lack of knowledge about oppression. We know our own lives, and have more options as feminists than to submit to non- trans woman authority and do its bidding. […]