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Randy Magazine at New York Art Book Fair

Randy Magazine at New York Art Book Fair

SOME WOMEN HAVE PENISES, DEAL WITH IT That’s what I’ve taken to calling the interview that Tuesday Smillie & I have in the newest issue of Randy Magazine, which is at being shown at the New York Art Book Fair at MOMA’S PS1 Museum. It includes gorgeous photographs by Julia Gillard (the photographer, not the […]

i was finally able to upload this beautifully shot video of SRLP’s teach in at Zucotti Park.  it starts at the 50 second mark with Kazembe Balagun, followed by Carlos Motta (who did translation), Pooja Gehi, myself, Naomi Clark & Jeannine Tang. this was one of the first moments i felt part of trans & […]

hey, can you tell me where you got that video of sylvia rivera’s speech? I need a source for a paper I’m writing about her and the un/writing of the trans liberation movement.

hi, the footage is an archival film shot of the whole ‘73 rally that i cut into to the one speech.  but you can find the same footage in Arthur Dong’s Question of Equality “Out Rage ‘69” which i highly recommend watching rather than just citing! its one of the only video documentary featuring Sylvia […]

Two big events happening at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project this Thursday! We’re introducing a new way to become involved: Membership! Join us this Thursday at 5:30 to learn more about becoming a member.  And then stay for our screening of OUT RAGE ‘69, a fabulous documentary featuring Sylvia Rivera! Our address: 147 West 24th […]

Kyra Kruz, who was recently murdered in Philadelphia, with my sibling Che Gossett.  From Che: “Kyra Kruz and I at Pride 2011, looking magical and fabulous! (She did everyone’s makeup and designed all the costumes for the parade theme). Her life was violently taken last week. Anguish and outrage about routinely learning of trans women […]

A New Queer Agenda with Lisa Duggan, Kenyon Farrow, Amber Hollibaugh, and Richard Kim

NYC area friends! please join me & other contributors wednesday September 19th to help launch The Scholar & Feminist Online, “A New Queer Agenda! I am super excited about the piece I wrote with my sibling Che Gossett and friend AJ Lewis called  Reclaiming Our Lineage: Organized Queer, Gender-Nonconforming, and Transgender Resistance to Police Violence.  And the […]

FREE CECE MCDONALD NOW! Hands off Leslie Feinberg!

mattachinereview: from Minnie Bruce Pratt: Free CeCe! Hands Off Leslie! leslie-feinberg: Leslie Feinberg is being re-charged for her solidarity action to Free CeCe McDonald. Please join me by sending messages to Hennepin County chief prosecutor Michael Freeman (address below). This morning I sent this message to Freeman: Stop the war against transwomen of color! Stop […]