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Staking Our Claim: Trans Women’s Literature in the 21st Century Check out the video for last month’s historic literary discussion featuring the brilliant writers  Ryka Aoki, Red Durkin, Imogen Binnie, and Donna Ostrowsky discussing their contributions to  The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard.  Thanks to Barnard Center for Research On (ALL) Women for making this happen! (Source: […]

This is not a conflict of equals,” writes Mohamed El Dahshan of the Israeli military attacks on the people of Gaza. “There is no ‘both sides must.’ There is a side fighting for its life under fire, and another set on sowing death. This is a one-sided massacre…

odofemi: postervirus: I DON’T NEED TO WEAR A SPACESUIT TO FUCK YOU By ONYA HOGAN-FINLAY & MORGAN M. PAGE Two women in spacesuits, legs interlocked, seem to be having a romantic evening at home in their retro-futuristic feminist landscape. In the distance, Toronto and the solar system watch on, perhaps approvingly. Approving of their prescribed, […]

palestinianliberator: Hey Lexi! It’s a pretty messy and complex situation, in that there are factors dating back to Israel’s founding 64 years ago that continue to contribute to every aspect of the situation. But I’ll do my best for a brief “What’s happening now”. The Gaza Strip is a tiny 4 by 23 mile strip […]

Brandon Lacy Campos

last night i found out my former Queers for Economic Justice co-worker & former Executive Director of QEJ, Brandon Lacy Campos, passed away. i’m finding it hard to eulogize Brandon, especially online.  all life is valuable & its heartbreaking to lose anyone. in the past two years -with so many systems & circles of care […]


On Voting…or Not

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with many people about voting, seen the incredible Voting While Trans project, who people want to vote for president, why, if they are not voting, why and what that means. In 2004 I was on the floor of the Democratic National Convention really excited about voting and the […] Real depressing conditions at Far Rockaway with no relief. from Occupy Sandy: Occupy Sandy Relief NYC at Far Rockaway – B59th Street NYCHA housing – With the help of many volunteers and community members of Far Rockaway including Youth NYCC and the Adventist Church relief workers fed and supplied 300+ residents of NYCHA housing […]