Archive | December, 2012

Thanks to cis feminists, GID was never a valid case for disability, you see, cis feminists (not just white) colluded with Jesse Helms to make certain GID transness, etc were NEVER treated as medically legitimate by CMS and virtually all federal entitlement programs, eg SSI, Medicaid, etc. Damage: total. so, while it may carry some […]

The pushback from trans people around the inclusion of GID in the DSM seems to fail to incorporate a larger assessment of why we are so afraid of “disorder” and who enjoys the benefit of avoiding stigma and pathologization. I want to think about the DSM and other medical and medicalizing tools in a way […]

The change in language in the DSM-V may set back decades of legal challenges brought by incarcerated transgender individuals, mostly transgender women of color without counsel, that created avenues for treatment and and gender self-determination for people in prisons, jails, detention centers and various other sites of civil commitment. Prisons and courts may argue that […]