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The most amazing Nina Simone song I have ever heard.  And its a Beatles remix.  Can black liberation music sound any better? (Source:

the one and only Kai Lumumba Barrow.

Creating Change in Atlanta! With Cheryl Courtney Evans, founder of Trans Individuals Living Their Truth, some anti-authoritarian messaging, and the one and only Kai Lumumba Barrow.

We decided to attack men who did it for profit- professional female impersonators and prostitutes. This is so embarrassing. I can hardly believe that we believed this. Jean O’Leary reflecting on her statement at the 1973 Christopher Street rally.

“One of the things LFL (Lesbian Feminist Liberation) objected to during this time were the transvestites.  The way we saw it was, here is a man dressing up as a woman and wearing all the things that we are trying to break free of. We  found out there were plans to have a transvestite as part of […]