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odofemi: I love that trans women have, in recent years, really banded together online and in print to name our specific issues and advocate for ourselves. However, I’ve noticed a very conspicuous absence of sex workers’ voices among those finding/creating representation. Little analysis is given to sex work. Even those trans women who are actively […]

Thanks to @flipthescriptla for having me on the radio tonight! Thanks for all the brilliant thinkers, movers, shakers and survivors who keep sharing their work with me and each other! (Source:

Naming Ourselves, Sharing Our Stories

This week was my first time having an entire blog dedicated to shit talking me because I wrote both to a press website and on my blog asking for the labor I put into making this new STAR zine materialize not be erased, especially because I had to deal with transphobic, ableist and racist violence […]

Quick Action Step For Folks Charged by NYPD

from FIERCE: Thank you to everyone from the building who mobilized last night to the 71st Precinct after the arrests and beatings of dozens of people at the Kimani Gray vigil and arrests of Cop Watch organizers from Justice Committee and MXGM. Thanks especially to folks from ALP (Chelsea, Elliott, Irma, Lorenzo, Share), SAS (Andrea) […]

Update from FIERCE

Just got a text update from FIERCE that some folks were released for disorderly conduct. Many are still being held and will be (2/2) arraigned, so justice committee wants folks to keep calling 718-250-2001 to ask the da to drop the charges for all vigil attendees. Please call!!

Our Truth, Our Time

A few years ago the NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne lied and said I was the cause of police violence that ended the Sylvia Rivera Law Project five year anniversary celebration.  It wasn’t true on any level but it was yet another chance to watch how the NYPD lies to cover its own violence. A few nights ago […]

fiercenyc: The NYPD has declared a portion of Flatbush a “Frozen Zone”, meaning media are not allowed in and people can be subjected to arrest for not following police orders. It basically means the area is under temporary martial law. The last times the NYPD declared a Frozen Zone was on the 10th anniversary of […]