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The most powerful speech I’ve ever heard from Angela Davis.  She’s holding up the incredibly legacy of Miss Major, Eric A Stanley, Cece McDonald, Dean Spade, Beth Ritchie, The Transgender Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), disability justice and trans women of color activism! also critiquing the equality movement. and assata: “At this moment I am not so concerned […]

janetmock: I don’t think reina and I could laugh any bigger while sharing space at SRLP’s super successful art auction, “Small Works For Big Change.” basking in the presence of the one and only Janet Mock!

janetmock: “We are all victims of violence and the injustices and oppression of a faulty legal system and the PIC. And in memoriam of all our fallen sisters, this is for you! Our flames of resilience and tenacity burn bright in the efforts of a revolution for women. We will not give up until there […]


Help Support Egyptt! Please Signal Boost

(click here to donate) Dear Friends & Community,  We are writing to let you know of a community member who needs support after going through a major health crisis. Many of you know Egyptt, a long time activist and advocate for low income, trans communities of color.  Egyptt was formerly co-coordinator of Trans Justice at […]

sistahmamaqueen: if you’re a trans woman of color and you follow me, LET ME KNOW!!!  i hella love connecting w/ fellow TWOCs and obvsiously [not a typo] we’re all super gorg and amazing. so let’s build ourselves up!  Yes!!!