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janetmock: Sat down with Marc Lamont Hill at HuffPost Live today to discuss The Out List, which airs tonight 6/27 at 930pm EST, and why our movement needs to expand its lens. janet repping for girls like us on both huffpo live and the out list! plz check this interview out because it is *amazing* […]

A picture of a smiling, decadently beautiful flower arrangement hat wearing Marsha

crunkfeministcollective: Happy Birthday Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson! Guest Post by Reina Gossett Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson A few months ago I took the PATH train to Hoboken with my artistic collaborator Sasha Wortzel to interview Randy Wicker for a film we are making about Sylvia Rivera.  Randy is one of the […]

Genital & Gender Self Determination central to the fight to end HIV Criminalization!  So is the kiss in on Wednesday the 26th at noon in Washington Square Park organized by QUEEROCRACY.   From Queerocracy: We are kissing to bring attention to the unjust prosecutions of HIV positive people. There are 34 states and 2 territories […]

Sex change change change Man is woman woman is man Even your brain is not your brain Your heart is a plastic thing which can be bought There are no more diseases which can be caught—Wedding wedding wedding wedding No a wedding ain’t the thing Don’t want no preacher Don’t want no preacher man preachin […]

Y’all Better Stop With Your Violent Queer Parties

thanks for reading & responding Mollie. to respond to your comments i’d say a few things: queer space is deeply invested in biologically determined notions of bodies and still thinks it’s ok to assume and label bodies as “male” or having “male voices” or being “male bodied,” even when folks consider themselves to be trans affirming. […]

Holding on to transphobic cultural values while developing a fondness for particular trans women who you can try to fit into your curated cultural spaces is not only disingenuous, it’s actually unsafe for the trans women who you are inviting in. When you tell someone a space is theirs, you better mean it! Elizabeth Bishop

Y’all Better Stop With Your Violent Queer Parties

I want queer dance parties who take queer dollars to cut this shit out. now. even better retroactively with bountiful reparations given to all of us who’ve experienced this kind of violence. I want them to be accountable to the people they are supposedly welcoming, to change their practices and principles and understand the kind […]