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Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues: Dilemmas of the Nonprofit Tradition in LGBT Politics

Queer Dreams and Nonprofit Blues: Dilemmas of the Nonprofit Tradition in LGBT Politics I’ll be joining a long list of brilliant people speaking at this two day conference, including my SRLP co-workers & members Elana Redfield, Gabriel Foster, Dean Spade my Captive Genders friend Eric A Stanley and my sibling Che Gossett!   The event […]

Stonewall was a riot

Since we are getting rid of homophobic thangs, lets throw out this one too! less worried about homophobic pasta, more worried about our largest predators: the cops downstairs, prisons, the military, boarders, jails, detention centers, pharm companies, the list goes on.

Growing Visibility at the LGBT Center

I had an amazing time talking with Kye Allums, Laverne Cox & Tiq Milan on GLAAD’s Growing Visibility panel this past week for the New Organizing Institute Trans Narrative Training. That brilliant trans people of color comprised the entirety of the panel felt important -so often our visibility comes with the price of our agency and ownership both […]

cannot wait to hold this brilliant work and read it!! janetmock: Wow! The cover of my book Redefining Realness, available for pre-order now. Here’s 7 easy ways you can support my baby! 1. Pre-order your copy on Amazon, B&N or iBooks. Pre-order sales are vital to a first-time author like me. It shows my publisher and major booksellers that there are […]

Even while we may applaud the repeal of a discriminatory policy, we have to be clear: militarism and war profiteering do not serve the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people, or poor people, or people of color. This is not just a progressive “chestnut” or sloganeering — it is hard fact. Consider a […]

Is Islan Nettles’ life less valuable than Trayvon Martin’s? Comment from last night’s forum for trans & gender non conforming people of color about the non stop but largely ignored (by anyone other than us) murders of trans women of color.