Help Tanya Kick Cancer’s Ass! Please Support!


Please share and support the healthcare needs of one of the most brilliant and amazing trans activists, Tanya Walker.  You can check out the gofundme page here and learn more about Tanya below!

Tanya, Kiara and Reina

Tanya, Kiara and Reina

Dear Fabulous Community Members,

We are writing you today to ask for your support for one of our amazing community members, Tanya Walker.

On October 1st, shortly after her 50th birthday, Tanya Walker was diagnosed with lung cancer. She is our community comrade, elder, leader and friend in the NY LGBTSTGNC POC community. We are writing you today to ask you to contribute to a $6,000 fundraising campaign for Ms. Tanya Walker, an amazing community member.

As you know, cancer has impacted Black women, and Women of Color, for decades and it has taken many long journeys and voices, like that of Audre Lorde’s, and others who have spoken through their triumphs and challenges as cancer survivors. Yet, there is still much more work to be done for our visibility and survival, as there is little to no voice centering the well being and need, or priority for Black Trans Women, and Trans Women of Color who are living with cancer.

We want to honor, celebrate and support our own community member and show up for her on this journey, as much as it is ours, to make sure she gets the quality care, support and treatment that she deserves. Tanya’s well being is connected to all of our well being.

Tanya has been an organizer and activist in New York City for over 20 years. She has been a long time member and worked on the Welfare Campaign with TransJustice at the Audre Lorde Project; lobbied to get the Gender Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed with Housing Works; raised awareness of Trans People of Color Issues at the LGBT working group during Occupy Wall Street, as well as contributed her time, energy and efforts to many more campaigns and organizations across the city.

On January 2nd, Tanya will be going into surgery to have a tumor removed. While she is in recovery, she is going to need funds to help pay her rent, cover groceries, travel to and from doctors appointments, as well as get plane tickets to visit her birth family and have her mother and sisters come care for her as she recovers.

Tanya is an amazing advocate and activist who has worked tirelessly to raise awareness around trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color issues, and in the spirit of interdependence, is reaching out to you all for support.

We know that together, we can raise the $6,000 to cover these expenses and throw down for an amazing community member who has given so much of her time and energy to our community and the movement.

Please consider donating and show your love and support to our comrade as she kicks cancer in the ass!

In Love, Struggle and Solidarity,

Elliott Fukui
Chelsea Johnson-Long
Irma Bajar
Alok Vaid-Menon
Cara Page
Roberto Tijerina
Janet Mock
Becca Wisotsky
Myles Paisley
Imani Henry
Cecilia Gentili
Yarian Gonzalez
Kris Hayashi
Share Roman
Emerson Brisbon
Lourdes Ashley Hunter
Gina George
Brooke Cerda
John Blasco
Reina Gossett
Alisha Williams
Naa Hammond

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