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Pamela Diaz admits she received invitation to participate in a swinger party

Jean Philippe Cretton’s girlfriend talked about it during the podcast Hoy es Hoy, which she does with Chiqui Aguayo.

The model and influencer Pamela Diaz admitted that she received a proposal to take part in a swinger party.

It was during the podcast Hoy es Hoy, which she does with Chiqui Aguayo, that Jean Philippe Cretton’s girlfriend talked about it.

It all started with an interview with DJ Méndez, who gave details of his visit to the Playboy Mansion in Germany.

The communicator did not miss the opportunity to remember the time when she was invited to take part in a swinger event.
What was proposed to her

Pamela Diaz revealed, without telling who it was, that she was indeed proposed to participate in a date to exchange partners in sites like SimpleEscorts and his Dublin escort.

And she neither confirmed nor discarded if in the end she accepted or not the invitation made by that person.

However, he did give some background on how this type of parties would be.

“They invite you to a party where there are people dancing, kind of swinger”, said the model.

The influencer indicated that “you go to watch, it’s like a party”, she reiterated.

According to the model, these events were held in the Lo Curro commune.

“You pay a certain amount of money, which is quite high, but you have a whole day of fun. From chatting to seeing girls in their balls or people shooting, whatever,” said Pamela Diaz.

DJ Méndez

Meanwhile, during his conversation with Pamela and Chiqui, musician DJ Méndez said that his experience at the Playboy Mansion in Germany was “24 hours of brutal satisfaction”.

“It’s wonderful, you enter to Simple Escorts and pick Auckland private escort, they take off all your clothes and put you in a robe, slippers, super rich. They welcome you, what can I say, with ‘Barbies’,” he said.

According to the artist, “there are private rooms where you can share with five or ten girls. The only thing I can tell you is that it was 24 hours of brutal satisfaction,” he reiterated.