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Interesting Facts About Reina Gossett

If you want to know who Reina Gossett is, stay in this article and discover numerous and incredible facts about her life, activist purposes, career path and much more. All here.

Who is Reina Gossett?

Queen Gossett, better known as Tourmaline. She is a transgender woman, identified as a queer.
Born on July 20, 1983, she is dedicated to film and writing in New York City, in addition, Tourmaline works as an activist in transgender organizations, to fight against trans justice.

Today, Reina Gossett is an activist in residence at Barnard College’s Center for Instigation on Women.
In addition, she works as director of the Sylvia Rivera and Critical Resistance Law project, which are organizations that are carried out with the objective of raising their voices and fighting for the power, freedom and rights of each person who is not satisfied with their gender, or who identifies as transgender.

“Queers For Economic Justice”, in Spanish known as “Queers for Economic Justice”, is one of the first works he did, where people who belong to the LGBT community, low income and who survive inequality are documented , thriving and rising despite enormous obstacles.

Queen Gossett’s Family

As already mentioned, he was born in 1983, in Massachusetts, United States.

His mother is a union organizer, while his father is an instructor in self-defense. Reina Gossett was born into a home of equality, where gender was respected and everyone was seen equally. Therefore, Reina Gossett grew up as a person who fights for what she wants and loves what she does.

He has a brother, Che Gossett, he is an AIDS activist and studies criminalization against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.

Queen Gossett Studies

Reina Gossett studied from a very young age in primary school, in Roxbry, due to personal problems, her parents decided to change her institute. Thus, he finished his primary studies in suburban schools.

If we talk about the university environment, he studied at Columbia University, where he belonged to school clubs and student councils, standing out from a young age as a leader and activist.

She was a temporary teacher, teaching different classes of literature and writing in New York.

Activist works of Reina Gossett

This great activist has done work in many entities, whose mission is to raise awareness of inequality.

Not only that, Reina Gossett is dedicated to undertaking jobs as a director, in addition, she became a prominent speaker, thanks to her beautiful and innovative topics on the transgender community. In addition to this, there are other activities in which this great woman has participated, among the most important are:

  • Organizer of low-income campaigns, aimed at preventing the construction of a jail from taking place, by the New York Department of Corrections.
  • Director of videos on the abolition of prisons.
  • Historian and activist for the drag queens and transgender community.
  • Content creator on transgender people, focused on blogs and social networks, such as podcasts and tumblr.
  • Contributor to protests about gender freedom, and protection campaigns for LGBTQ communities.
  • Director of films about transgender activism.
  • Producer on the life and work of Marsha Johnson.
  • Editor of the book Trap Door.

Controversies and recognitions

  • In January 2016, Reina Gossett supported a campaign in Chicago, which turned into a violent protest. She was characterized as evil and anti-Semitic by many people, this attracted several negative points in her development of activist projects for peace and equality.
  • In 2017, Reina Gossett was involved in a fraud controversy, where she blamed David France, as a filmmaker who plagiarized her work, for creating the documentary entitled “The death and life of Marsha Johnson”.
  • In 2017, she was honored by her Stone Wall community foundation.
  • Likewise, in 2017, it was proclaimed a finalist for the Queer Art award.
  • Her work “Happy Birthday, Marsha” earned her a scholarship from the queer program, and was also applauded by renowned filmmakers.