Pamela Diaz admits she received invitation to participate in a swinger party

Jean Philippe Cretton’s girlfriend talked about it during the podcast Hoy es Hoy, which she does with Chiqui Aguayo.

The model and influencer Pamela Diaz admitted that she received a proposal to take part in a swinger party.

It was during the podcast Hoy es Hoy, which she does with Chiqui Aguayo, that Jean Philippe Cretton’s girlfriend talked about it.

It all started with an interview with DJ Méndez, who gave details of his visit to the Playboy Mansion in Germany.

The communicator did not miss the opportunity to remember the time when she was invited to take part in a swinger event.
What was proposed to her

Pamela Diaz revealed, without telling who it was, that she was indeed proposed to participate in a date to exchange partners in sites like SimpleEscorts and his Dublin escort.

And she neither confirmed nor discarded if in the end she accepted or not the invitation made by that person.

However, he did give some background on how this type of parties would be.

“They invite you to a party where there are people dancing, kind of swinger”, said the model.

The influencer indicated that “you go to watch, it’s like a party”, she reiterated.

According to the model, these events were held in the Lo Curro commune.

“You pay a certain amount of money, which is quite high, but you have a whole day of fun. From chatting to seeing girls in their balls or people shooting, whatever,” said Pamela Diaz.

DJ Méndez

Meanwhile, during his conversation with Pamela and Chiqui, musician DJ Méndez said that his experience at the Playboy Mansion in Germany was “24 hours of brutal satisfaction”.

“It’s wonderful, you enter to Simple Escorts and pick Auckland private escort, they take off all your clothes and put you in a robe, slippers, super rich. They welcome you, what can I say, with ‘Barbies’,” he said.

According to the artist, “there are private rooms where you can share with five or ten girls. The only thing I can tell you is that it was 24 hours of brutal satisfaction,” he reiterated.

Meet the LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community has fought for many years to assert its rights. If you want to discover interesting facts about this community, what its acronyms stand for and what achievements they have achieved over the years, take a look at this incredible post and find out about that and more.

What does LGBTQ mean?

LGBTQ is the acronym of a community that aims to ensure gender equality, they denote the following meaning:

  • Lesbian: women who are attracted to the same sex.
  • Gay: man who is attracted to the male sex.
  • Bisexual: person who is attracted to both sexes.
  • Transsexual: are those people who do not feel in agreement with their sex, these people can identify as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
  • Queer: here, anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, who wants to feel free and without barriers comes in.

In addition to these acronyms, the community is also assigned other labels, these are the letter I and the + sign, which refer to intersex and asexual people.

LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community seeks to vindicate people who do not fall within the parameters that many societies define as “normal.” Around the world, there are more than 30% of people who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual, and who want to be treated as equals and receive the respect of all.

Currently, more countries have joined this community, as a product of the movement. Thanks to the campaigns, protests and marches that are carried out continuously, the marriage between LGBTQ people has been legalized in many countries, in addition to the permits for gender change and adoption.

LGBTQ discrimination

Discrimination is very common in this community. People who identify as LGBTQ are the bearers of abuse and humiliation on a daily basis.

Until a few years ago, being gay was considered mentally ill. However, this is currently denied, thanks to numerous studies on the matter.

Despite the abuse, humiliation, harassment and killings that this community has suffered, the struggle continues, with the aim of controlling the harassment and living without limitations.


The LGBTQ fight is defined as a movement that is carried out through protests, campaigns and social activities to eliminate inequality and discrimination.

In many parts of the world, it was impossible to hire a homosexual person, or allow them access to public places. This community seeks to assert their rights as citizens, to be allowed to live life, study, work and have fun, without being violated or humiliated.

Despite how difficult the road has been for these people and the scorn they have received, they are pursuing their goals and have made great strides.

Sex change

Due to protests from the LGBTQ community seeking to legalize sex change, in several countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia, this surgical intervention can be performed without problems.


LGBTQ marriage was frowned upon around the world, people who belonged to this community could not marry and start a family.

Today, and thanks to the movement, LGBTQ marriage is allowed in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, England, Sweden, Portugal and many more.


Adoption is characterized as a cumbersome process. For the people of this community, it was impossible to process an adoption application.

This is one of the most controversial actions in the world. However, this did not stop the legalization process in Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, and Uruguay, which allow adoption in these cases.

It is expected that more countries will join and legalize the unions of LGBTQ people, so that each individual can enjoy their life, without fear or limitations.

Critical resistance: organization against the prison industrial complex

Critical Resistance is an organization that seeks to eliminate the abuse of women, immigrants and people of color in the country’s prisons. If you want to know about the program of abolition of prisons, the objectives and conferences, take a look at this article and discover information of interest.

What is Critical Resistance?

This is a social movement, which was born in 1997. This private organization is located in the United States, and has several offices distributed throughout the country, for example, in Los Angeles, New York and Oakland.

Critical Resistance has held several meetings, each of which was held to demonstrate the low value of prisons and the harm suffered by people of color, foreigners and transgender people.

Angela Davis, Rose Braz and Ruth Wilson created Critical Resistance because they had a new vision, and they wanted to make the community aware that not all problems are solved with jail and abuse.

What do you seek to achieve Critical Resistance?

Critical Resistance is against the prison reforms and votes for the abolition of prisons.

Abuse is very present in prisons. For this reason, this entity wishes to provide education, a home and sustenance to the people who are imprisoned, so that their human rights are protected and respected, paying their respective penalties.

Over the years, this organization has had the mission of providing education to prisoners and eliminating sentences for drug addicts or prostitutes, and providing the help they need to get out of these harmful vices.

Its goal is to decrease the number of inmates and incarceration for people who want to redeem themselves and have minimum sentences.

First step of Critical Resistance

The first step that Critical Resistance took was to create a conference attended by individuals of all kinds, ex-convicts, activists, transgender people and people with low incomes.

With a total of more than 3,000 people, the campaign was a success. It took place in the United States, one year after the organization was founded.

The conference was called “Beyond the prison industrial complex” and caused many people to take an interest in his ideas and follow the activities closely.

The mission of this conference was to make known its position on the elimination of prisons, the construction of homes for the most needy and the formation of schools for the poor.

Each of the activities carried out by Resistencia Crítica is focused on the community, and on disseminating strategies to protect human rights throughout the country.

In this way, Critical Resistance made known the objectives of the organization, causing the movement to become important in the United States and for people to participate in different campaigns and projects for the collective welfare.

Because of this, the organization has received numerous honors, for its campaigns and conferences over time.

“Schools, not prisons”

In 1998, the “Schools, not prisons” campaign was created, which caused students from all over the country to protest for schools that provide a good education to those most in need, and that with the money from the construction of prisons, they open these educational centers.

Youth Crime Initiative

This campaign was carried out to stop the construction of a jail in California, being a great success for the organization, and it captured the attention of many people in the country.

Since 2001, prison construction has decreased, thanks to the work of activists and advocates who participated in the project proposals.

Currently, Critical Resistance continues with its objectives, setting goals and helping the community with the aim of building a better society, where freedom and equality are rights that really apply to all people and social welfare is no longer just a utopia, to become a reality.

Transgender women today

Transgender women are strong people who fight for what they want. Today, you can see many women who have broken the barriers of society. If you want to know about this subject, and find out what the transgender struggle is, stay in this article, where you will discover everything you need to know.

Transgender women

A transgender woman is a person who feels identified and has a feminine behavior, even if she was born with a male sex. In addition, trans women can belong to the LGBTG community, identifying as homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or asexual.

Transgender women today

Transgender women are stronger today, a few years ago it could not be said that a transgender was famous, leader of a large company or participant of beauty programs.

Today, thousands of trans women are fighting for their rights, fighting inequality and seeking peace for their community.

Each of the attempts has produced achievements, causing many paradigms to be broken and so that these people can be taken into account in all aspects.

However, it is still common to see transphobia in many places. It has been proven that more than 48% of transgender people suffer from abuse, and almost 70% of people are victims of humiliation and transphobia.

Today, many women have broken stereotypes imposed by society, becoming public figures, and openly acknowledging their gender change or sex preference.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is known for being a transgender woman. Despite the difficulties she faced in entering the world of acting, she managed to fight for inequality and emerge victorious in the world of work.

She was the first transgender woman to win a Grammy, thanks to her incredible work as an actress.
Laverne Cox helps transgender women around the world, currently has an activist aid program, to provide support to the LGBTQ community.

Elizabeth Duval

Elizabeth Duval is a trans woman, she is dedicated to writing and works in the theater field.

Her path as a transgender woman has not been easy, she had to overcome many obstacles to position herself to what she is today. In her professional environment, she received a lot of criticism, several people denigrated her works, humiliating her and discarding her work.

However, Elizabeth Duval is a famous philosopher, known for her interesting stories that address LGBTQ issues.

Angela Ponce

Ángela Ponce became well known for being the first trans woman to be crowned Miss Universe of Spain. Women and men made her feel less, they rejected her for belonging to a world of beauty, after undergoing sex change surgeries.

Despite that, he did not give up, he continued with his aspirations and managed to be crowned in 2018, and in this way, he gives people a lesson, about following their dreams and not letting anything destroy them.

The struggle of a transgender woman

The transgender struggle is defined as the movement where people who do not feel comfortable with their sex, fight to be taken as equals.

In many cases, these people are not allowed access to public places, work anywhere or study what they want. For this reason, thousands of campaigns were born that seek to bring gender equality to the world, and respect for people who belong to the LGBTQ community.

In recent years, more countries have joined these proposals, allowing transgender people to access and be free, without fear and without suffering abuse.

Although today there is an awakening in people’s consciousness regarding social inclusion and the acceptance of all human beings as they are, the fight against discrimination can be complicated, therefore, everyone’s help is sought, and collective understanding. Eliminating abuse is everyone’s job.

Interesting Facts About Reina Gossett

If you want to know who Reina Gossett is, stay in this article and discover numerous and incredible facts about her life, activist purposes, career path and much more. All here.

Who is Reina Gossett?

Queen Gossett, better known as Tourmaline. She is a transgender woman, identified as a queer.
Born on July 20, 1983, she is dedicated to film and writing in New York City, in addition, Tourmaline works as an activist in transgender organizations, to fight against trans justice.

Today, Reina Gossett is an activist in residence at Barnard College’s Center for Instigation on Women.
In addition, she works as director of the Sylvia Rivera and Critical Resistance Law project, which are organizations that are carried out with the objective of raising their voices and fighting for the power, freedom and rights of each person who is not satisfied with their gender, or who identifies as transgender.

“Queers For Economic Justice”, in Spanish known as “Queers for Economic Justice”, is one of the first works he did, where people who belong to the LGBT community, low income and who survive inequality are documented , thriving and rising despite enormous obstacles.

Queen Gossett’s Family

As already mentioned, he was born in 1983, in Massachusetts, United States.

His mother is a union organizer, while his father is an instructor in self-defense. Reina Gossett was born into a home of equality, where gender was respected and everyone was seen equally. Therefore, Reina Gossett grew up as a person who fights for what she wants and loves what she does.

He has a brother, Che Gossett, he is an AIDS activist and studies criminalization against sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.

Queen Gossett Studies

Reina Gossett studied from a very young age in primary school, in Roxbry, due to personal problems, her parents decided to change her institute. Thus, he finished his primary studies in suburban schools.

If we talk about the university environment, he studied at Columbia University, where he belonged to school clubs and student councils, standing out from a young age as a leader and activist.

She was a temporary teacher, teaching different classes of literature and writing in New York.

Activist works of Reina Gossett

This great activist has done work in many entities, whose mission is to raise awareness of inequality.

Not only that, Reina Gossett is dedicated to undertaking jobs as a director, in addition, she became a prominent speaker, thanks to her beautiful and innovative topics on the transgender community. In addition to this, there are other activities in which this great woman has participated, among the most important are:

  • Organizer of low-income campaigns, aimed at preventing the construction of a jail from taking place, by the New York Department of Corrections.
  • Director of videos on the abolition of prisons.
  • Historian and activist for the drag queens and transgender community.
  • Content creator on transgender people, focused on blogs and social networks, such as podcasts and tumblr.
  • Contributor to protests about gender freedom, and protection campaigns for LGBTQ communities.
  • Director of films about transgender activism.
  • Producer on the life and work of Marsha Johnson.
  • Editor of the book Trap Door.

Controversies and recognitions

  • In January 2016, Reina Gossett supported a campaign in Chicago, which turned into a violent protest. She was characterized as evil and anti-Semitic by many people, this attracted several negative points in her development of activist projects for peace and equality.
  • In 2017, Reina Gossett was involved in a fraud controversy, where she blamed David France, as a filmmaker who plagiarized her work, for creating the documentary entitled “The death and life of Marsha Johnson”.
  • In 2017, she was honored by her Stone Wall community foundation.
  • Likewise, in 2017, it was proclaimed a finalist for the Queer Art award.
  • Her work “Happy Birthday, Marsha” earned her a scholarship from the queer program, and was also applauded by renowned filmmakers.