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Transgender women today

Transgender women are strong people who fight for what they want. Today, you can see many women who have broken the barriers of society. If you want to know about this subject, and find out what the transgender struggle is, stay in this article, where you will discover everything you need to know.

Transgender women

A transgender woman is a person who feels identified and has a feminine behavior, even if she was born with a male sex. In addition, trans women can belong to the LGBTG community, identifying as homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual or asexual.

Transgender women today

Transgender women are stronger today, a few years ago it could not be said that a transgender was famous, leader of a large company or participant of beauty programs.

Today, thousands of trans women are fighting for their rights, fighting inequality and seeking peace for their community.

Each of the attempts has produced achievements, causing many paradigms to be broken and so that these people can be taken into account in all aspects.

However, it is still common to see transphobia in many places. It has been proven that more than 48% of transgender people suffer from abuse, and almost 70% of people are victims of humiliation and transphobia.

Today, many women have broken stereotypes imposed by society, becoming public figures, and openly acknowledging their gender change or sex preference.

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox is known for being a transgender woman. Despite the difficulties she faced in entering the world of acting, she managed to fight for inequality and emerge victorious in the world of work.

She was the first transgender woman to win a Grammy, thanks to her incredible work as an actress.
Laverne Cox helps transgender women around the world, currently has an activist aid program, to provide support to the LGBTQ community.

Elizabeth Duval

Elizabeth Duval is a trans woman, she is dedicated to writing and works in the theater field.

Her path as a transgender woman has not been easy, she had to overcome many obstacles to position herself to what she is today. In her professional environment, she received a lot of criticism, several people denigrated her works, humiliating her and discarding her work.

However, Elizabeth Duval is a famous philosopher, known for her interesting stories that address LGBTQ issues.

Angela Ponce

√Āngela Ponce became well known for being the first trans woman to be crowned Miss Universe of Spain. Women and men made her feel less, they rejected her for belonging to a world of beauty, after undergoing sex change surgeries.

Despite that, he did not give up, he continued with his aspirations and managed to be crowned in 2018, and in this way, he gives people a lesson, about following their dreams and not letting anything destroy them.

The struggle of a transgender woman

The transgender struggle is defined as the movement where people who do not feel comfortable with their sex, fight to be taken as equals.

In many cases, these people are not allowed access to public places, work anywhere or study what they want. For this reason, thousands of campaigns were born that seek to bring gender equality to the world, and respect for people who belong to the LGBTQ community.

In recent years, more countries have joined these proposals, allowing transgender people to access and be free, without fear and without suffering abuse.

Although today there is an awakening in people’s consciousness regarding social inclusion and the acceptance of all human beings as they are, the fight against discrimination can be complicated, therefore, everyone’s help is sought, and collective understanding. Eliminating abuse is everyone’s job.