Interview with “The Media” and tonight’s talk with CeCe McDonald and Dean Spade.


This past week I spoke with Chris Lee, a journalist writing for The Media about tonight’s discussion at the New School with CeCe McDonald and Dean Spade on prison abolition, trans activism and love. You can read the interview here. There’s also still time to RSVP for our talk and send in questions for CeCe, Dean and me.

Dean Spade, CeCe McDonald and Reina Gossett

Dean Spade, CeCe McDonald and Reina Gossett

The talk is part of No One Is Disposable, a series of discussion I’ve been hosting as an activist-in residence at Barnard’s Center for Research on Women. Through these conversations I’ve been speaking with activists to discuss the issues most pressing in our lives.

I started these conversations as a small intervention in a political climate imprisonment of poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, who are immigrants is happening faster than ever before.  And as trans women of color and low income trans people our very survival is criminalized, whether that’s fighting back against an attacker such as in CeCe McDonald’s case or meeting your basic needs through sex work, as Monica Jone’s activism has reminded us.

Through this series, which will continue to happen both online and in person, I’ll be working to put the spotlight on the incredibly brilliant ways we as oppressed people are fighting back, surviving and building strong communities in the face of enormous violence. By doing that I hope the flip the script and highlight the power and agency of marginalized people, particularly trans and gender non conforming people who are low income or people of color.

So I hope to see you tonight and at future installments of No One Is Disposable!



“We Keep Each Other Safe” newest clip of CeCe McDonald conversation!

Watch the newest clip from Barnard Center for Research on Women of CeCe McDonald, Dean Spade and myself talking about what real safety means and how to create it! And then pre-register for our conversation on April 21st at the New School by clicking here!

CeCe McDonald, Reina Gossett, and Dean Spade: Police + Prisons Don’t Keep Us Safe – We Keep Each Other Safe from BCRW Videos on Vimeo.


“I Use My Love to Guide Me”: Surviving and Thriving in the Face of Impossible Situations


Last month during CeCe McDonald’s trip to New York City, in collaboration with Barnard Center for Research on Women Dean Spade and I recorded a series of videos with her as a follow up to the No One Is Disposable conversations around prison abolition, trans activism, and disability justice.

Today, on Trans Visibility Day you can watch CeCe speak in her own words about surviving in thriving in the face of impossible situations!  On April 21st CeCe, Dean and myself will continue the conversation at the New School, responding to questions from the audience and online. Join us to support CeCe and the continued push for an end to the prison system and the institutionalized structures of violence throughout our society which support it.

To pre-register for the event click here!