Meet the LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community has fought for many years to assert its rights. If you want to discover interesting facts about this community, what its acronyms stand for and what achievements they have achieved over the years, take a look at this incredible post and find out about that and more.

What does LGBTQ mean?

LGBTQ is the acronym of a community that aims to ensure gender equality, they denote the following meaning:

  • Lesbian: women who are attracted to the same sex.
  • Gay: man who is attracted to the male sex.
  • Bisexual: person who is attracted to both sexes.
  • Transsexual: are those people who do not feel in agreement with their sex, these people can identify as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
  • Queer: here, anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, who wants to feel free and without barriers comes in.

In addition to these acronyms, the community is also assigned other labels, these are the letter I and the + sign, which refer to intersex and asexual people.

LGBTQ community

The LGBTQ community seeks to vindicate people who do not fall within the parameters that many societies define as “normal.” Around the world, there are more than 30% of people who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual, and who want to be treated as equals and receive the respect of all.

Currently, more countries have joined this community, as a product of the movement. Thanks to the campaigns, protests and marches that are carried out continuously, the marriage between LGBTQ people has been legalized in many countries, in addition to the permits for gender change and adoption.

LGBTQ discrimination

Discrimination is very common in this community. People who identify as LGBTQ are the bearers of abuse and humiliation on a daily basis.

Until a few years ago, being gay was considered mentally ill. However, this is currently denied, thanks to numerous studies on the matter.

Despite the abuse, humiliation, harassment and killings that this community has suffered, the struggle continues, with the aim of controlling the harassment and living without limitations.


The LGBTQ fight is defined as a movement that is carried out through protests, campaigns and social activities to eliminate inequality and discrimination.

In many parts of the world, it was impossible to hire a homosexual person, or allow them access to public places. This community seeks to assert their rights as citizens, to be allowed to live life, study, work and have fun, without being violated or humiliated.

Despite how difficult the road has been for these people and the scorn they have received, they are pursuing their goals and have made great strides.

Sex change

Due to protests from the LGBTQ community seeking to legalize sex change, in several countries, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia, this surgical intervention can be performed without problems.


LGBTQ marriage was frowned upon around the world, people who belonged to this community could not marry and start a family.

Today, and thanks to the movement, LGBTQ marriage is allowed in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, England, Sweden, Portugal and many more.


Adoption is characterized as a cumbersome process. For the people of this community, it was impossible to process an adoption application.

This is one of the most controversial actions in the world. However, this did not stop the legalization process in Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, and Uruguay, which allow adoption in these cases.

It is expected that more countries will join and legalize the unions of LGBTQ people, so that each individual can enjoy their life, without fear or limitations.

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