i was finally able to upload this beautifully shot video of SRLP’s teach in at Zucotti Park.  it starts at the 50 second mark with Kazembe Balagun, followed by Carlos Motta (who did translation), Pooja Gehi, myself, Naomi Clark & Jeannine Tang.

this was one of the first moments i felt part of trans & gender non conforming people taking up space at the park with our bodies and our legacies.  right now i’m wondering about how these creative tensions are held within different movement, artistic and personal relationships one year later. 

thanks to Jonah Groeneboer for filming and MPA for recording the audio!  thanks to everyone who came and held signs and translated and human microphoned, and filled wall street with the some of the best light its had since the Dutch came and built the wall.

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