Miss Major in The Personal Things

Miss Major "I'm still fucking here" by Micah Bazant

 “I’m still fucking here” by Micah Bazant proceeds go to Miss Major’s Retirement Fund! purchase here.


I just directed an animated short about the small every day ways Miss Major Griffin-Gracy fights back and challenges the status quo. At a moment of increased violence I wanted to release it on Trans Day of Resilience/Remembrance because Miss Major is someone whose life and labor has allowed for so many of us to live, including myself. You can watch it here:

The Personal Things from BCRW Videos on Vimeo.

I am deeply grateful to the many people whose labor made this possible, this includes but not limited to: Miss Major let us share her voice, Micah Bazantillustrated, Pamela Chavez animated, Geo Wythe scored, and Hope Dector and Barnard Center for Research on Women – BCRW produced it.

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